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GNY Equipment, Inc.
GNY Equipment, Inc.

October 3, 2010
GNY Floating Suctions                        
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Deliver a cleaner product by drawing the fluid closer to the surface. The suction intake includes a stop leg in order to maintain an undisturbed tank bottom, eliminating a high percentage of water and sediments from aircraft fuel, motor fuel, heating oils and petrochemicals.

   Decant water from sewage treatment plant separation tanks.
   In an inverted installation can also skim oils from the top of water run off settling tanks    
         (with standard or inverted type inlets).
   Reduce inlet velocity with special bellmouth so "bottom" remains undisturbed.
   Increase efficiency and decrease maintenance of filter separator.

General Specifications:


2"-36"and larger.

Swing Joints:
Aluminum, steel, or special alloys for chemical and other applications; flanged dual ball bearing type with O-ring seals.

Pipe or Tubing:
Aluminum, steel, or special alloys for chemical and fuels, treatment plant decant applications; lengths and sizes are dependent on particular installation requirement; available in 2" through 24" pipe or tubing.

Low velocity conical configuration with baffle plate and anti-vortex plate. Basic style: Model 301-B with 90° bellmouth elbow; Model 301-C with 45° bellmouth elbow and inverted bellmouth for skimming units.Inverted bellmouth for skimming units.

Stainless steel or aluminum and all are pressure tested.

Baffle and Stop Leg:
Aluminum, steel, or special alloys for chemical and other applications; designed to break suction 9 inches above tank bottom. (or as specified) 

Inspection Cable:
3/16" stainless steel.

General Note:
   A.  Aluminum construction is standard with 2" to 10".
   B.  Steel and Aluminum construction are standard with 12" to 24" and higher.

Important Note:
It is recommended that tanks equipped with floating suctions have provision and procedures for systematic draining of tank bottoms (water) same as tanks without floating suctions.

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