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GNY Equipment, Inc.
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October 17, 2010
GNY Potable Water Cabinet       
Potable Water Cabinets | Pictures/Sketches
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Model 5292 Potable Water Cabinet
Potable Water Cabinets
These cabinets expedite dispensing of potable water direct to your aircraft at congested loading locations through a variety of mounting options including:

  1. External terminal wall
  2. Flush mount into wall
  3. Pedestal of loading bridge
  4. Free standing base

Standard Specifications:

Cabinet:  Stainless Steel. Type 304, 14 and 16 gage, double wall with polyboard insulation.
Doors:  Stainless Steel, 14 gage insulated double wall construction with two point latch handle.
               Full length stainless steel piano hinge.
:  (See Table 1).
:  1" brass.
:  1" (See Table 2) Special PVC drinking water hose, meeting FDA,
             NSF. 51 and USDA requirements, tasteless, odorless and non-contaminating.
Hose Reel:
 Hannay, 1" with bronze swing joint and bronze internal piping.
               Drum aluminum, discs arestainless steel. Frame is heavy duty steel painted alkyd enamel, light gray.
Shut-Off Valve
:  1" brass ball with quarter turn handle.
Dual Check Valve/Backflow Preventer
:  1" brass.
Pressure Regulator
:  1" brass, adjustable 25 PSI to 75 PSI.
 2" dia. 0-160 PSI, with brass or bronze internals.
 1" brass, ground joint union.
 44.5"L x 31.5" W x 45" H.
 100 watt, pendant type with guard, includes on-off switch.
Wiring:  All wiring is enclosed in Sealtite weatherproof flexible conduit.
Electrical Load Data:
 Hose reel rewind motor-1/2 HP, single phase, 115/230 volts, 6.5 amps.
         Heater-1200 watts, 120 volt, single phase, 10amps. Light-100 watts, 120 volts, 1.0 amp.
Shipping Weight:
 (Approx.) 700lbs.

Stand (optional):
18" high robust water cabinet stand (P/N CABW-STAND-18)
Epoxy coated plain steel or Stainless Steel Type 304.
Please specify material either type 304 Stainless Steel or Epoxy painted Carbon Steel.

Heater (optional):

1200 watt, 120V single phase. Stainless steel sheathed strip heater mounted on lower rear wall includes on-off switch and heater guard switch (60°F).

Table 1

First Dash Number Hose Size Nozzle
-1 3/4" Supplied by Customer
-2 1" Supplied by Customer
-3 3/4" 1041-BV Open Break with Ball Valve
-4 1" 1041-BV Open Break with Ball Valve

Table 2

Second Dash Number Hose Length
-100 100'
-150 150'
-175 175'
-200 200'
-225 225'
Hose maybe supplied in combinations of 100, 75 & 50 Ft. lengths unless otherwise specified.

Ordering Instructions:
1. Hose size and nozzle. See Table 1 (first suffix)
2. Hose Length. See Table 2 (second suffix)
3. If heater required add suffix "H" (third suffix)
1" Hose with 3/4" nozzle 200' length of hose, standard pressure regulator with heater
         Model: 5292-4-200-H

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