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July 13, 2011
GNY Safety Break Away Couplings            Download PDF Document 
Safety Break Away Couplings | Sketch | Major Application | Testing | Suppliers | Fax Sheet

Investigation of drive-away incidents involving LP Gas Loading/ Unloading arm assemblies and Bottom Loading has led us to design and develop safety break-away couplings that, if separated, quickly form a tight pressure seal that prevents escape of LP gas or fluid from loading arms or tank trucks through the separated coupling halves and spillage to the atmosphere.

We offer Safety Break-Away Couplings (SBC) in 2" to 6" sizes, in ANSI Class 150 and 300 pressure rating and various material of construction with flange-ends, threaded-end connection and combinations, with six different sealing material to suit almost all fluid and gas handling.

SBC are suitable for loading/ unloading arms and hoses etc. and designed to prevent product spillage on disconnection, thereby eliminating possible fire hazards, accident causing personal injury and product losses.

NOTICE: Actual breaking of shear pins are designed considering pull-away load and internal pressure.
GNY needs to know the actual operating condition and application PRIOR to shipping SBC to end-user.

Salient Features:
• Disconnects due to pulling force in almost all angles, preventing damages to
    loading/ unloading system.
•  A special wedge-lock groove holds valve seal in functional position at all times.
•  No maintenance required.
•  Compact, lightweight, and easy-to-handle unit.
•  Easily reassembled in site by replacing Shear pins. Two sets of free-spares shear-pins
    supplied for immediate re-assembly (require less than five minutes to reassemble
    using a small torque wrench).
• Minimum spillage on dis-connections (approx. 78cc for 2" LP gas loading at 158 gallon/min.)
• No modification required to install in existing systems.
• Almost a Full-Bore, with a high flow area, resulting in very low-pressure drop.
• Can be used with loading/ unloading hoses to prevent hose failure and product loss.
• Built-In elastomer gaskets in end flanges also available to eliminate use of other gaskets.
• Intrinsically safe proximity switch disconnection alarm indicator also available for
    immediate indication in control room.

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