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GNY Equipment, Inc.
GNY Equipment, Inc.

October 3, 2010
GNY Top Loader                           

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This design of top loader with three swivel joint (Split Flange) is used for loading and uploading of rail cars and/or tank trucks, which can be accurately parked at fixed distance (movement in two planes with drop tube remaining vertical).

     Size: 50 mm to 100 mm (2" to 4" NB) for Spans up to 5 Meters
     Class: 150 lbs., 300 lbs. and higher pressure rating
     Construction: Carbon Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel
     Seal Material: PTEE (Teflon®), Buna-N, Viton®, and Neoprene
     Balancling System: Torsion Spring Balance Assembly
     Swivel Joint: Split Flange Design (also available Two-Piece Design)
         Heavy-duty load bearing capacity ball-bearing raceway (345 BHN)
         Main Seal can be replaced without dismantling balls.

Top Loader
   Accessories for Loading Arms (Optional):
        Position Indication System for Top Loaders
        Anti-Overspill (Magnetic Reed Switch and PTFE Float Assembly)
        Loading valve (Full-Bore Ball valve) and vacuum Breakers
        Locking Arrangements for Parking and Filling Positions
        Safety Break-Away Coupling for Loaders
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